Iran Being Bombed By Usa (I would like to see this)

Discussion in 'Politics' started by jakejones, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. The heading contains the headline which I would like to see on the front of all newspapers in the VERY near future.

    Iran is supporting Islamic Terrorism directed against our closest ally Israel, the Land of God's Chosen People. Iranian Islamic Terrorists also danced in the streets during 911, so that's another reason to get 'em. Let's also not forget that Iran was arming terrorists against the USA when the USA was liberating Iraq. Also, Iran is using its oil as a bargaining chip, and such reprehensible behavior is unacceptable.

    As good Christians who believe in the Bible, it is America's duty to protect Israel from danger.

    I would prefer it that the USA did not nuke Iran but used ground troops, but I will accept that nukes may be necessary.

    God bless Israel and all who love it and would die for it e.g. in particular, God bless America which will defend Israel in the name of Jesus.

    Once Iran has been liberated, we will ensure that its oppressed population is well looked after by the Iranian oil revenues, once we have rightly taken our 20% share of the revenues for liberating Iran.

    Jake Jones Cohen.