Iran 6-7 Months From Having A Nuke

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    Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, said on Sunday that Iran was only six or seven months away from having most of the fuel it needed to build a nuclear weapon, as he took his appeal for the US to take a tougher line against Iran directly to the American public.

    Appearing on two different Sunday talk shows, Mr Netanyahu stepped up his demand that President Barack Obama set a “red line” for when he would take military action against Iran’s nuclear programme.

    “You have to place that red line before them now, before it’s too late,” he said on NBC.

    While Mr Obama has said that Iran will not be allowed to get a nuclear weapon, Republicans take a similar line to Mr Netanyahu that Iran should not be allowed to develop a “capability” to build a nuclear weapon, which implies a shorter timeline.
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    Those nuclear weapons Iran is developing are for peaceful purposes only. I know because Ahmadinejad said so on television. :D
  3. I think he's bluffing but I wouldn't care if they launched a nuclear first strike.

    Honestly I think Israel better get accustomed to their enemies having the bomb.
  4. obama's a fvcking buffoon , he can't keep his wife from getting a new purse much less dictate Iran's nuclear capability.

    The fact that he doesn't wish to contain the iranians nuclear program is beside the point.
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    I'm guessing she wears the <s>pants</s> stones in that family.
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    Arabs with nuclear weapons. That doesn't sound like a good idea. If they have a WMD they are going to feel the need to use it on somebody if not their own people. Just like the chemical weapons that were used in Iraq on their own people and the Iranians.

    It's like giving EBT credit cards to poor people. You just know they are going to spend it on something stupid like lottery tickets.
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    Yeah, instead of non-proliferation we should require every family to have their own nuclear weapon and an intercontinental ballistic missile to deliver it. Of course there would have to be background checks like they do for handguns. :D
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    Of course she does. You can see them every time she turns around covering up her skinny ass.

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  9. I didn't say I liked it or thought it was a good idea , just recognizing the utter failure that non-proliferation has been historically.
  10. You think this is feasible for the people who think getting a photo -ID is a "hardship"?
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