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    Yes, I did a search, and I didn't find exactly what I was asking, and yes, I will call IB when I'm more firm on what is happening, but for now asking here.
    The wife is probably changing employers, and I am thinking of moving the IRA to IB. It looks like the fee is $30/year. My question is can one sell put options that would be cash secured in an IRA with IB? I'd be looking to sell to get into prices at better prices than currently available, and would have the cash, no margin selling. And in turn selling calls on occassion against a long is ok also?
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    IB allows you to designate your IRA account as either cash or margin. The margin account does not allow one to short stock or borrow money to purchase securities as may be done in a non-IRA margin account, but it does allow more expanded option spread and forex capabilities.

    In both the cash and margin type, you are allowed to sell fully covered puts and write calls against the underlying stock. Refer to the following Knowledge Base link for details:
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    Thank you. Exactly what I was looking for.