Ira 50% cash beating market, what do I do know?

Discussion in 'Risk Management' started by tango29, May 22, 2013.

  1. As stated, I have an IRA with roughly $330,000 in it. 50% has been cash for 2 years, yet it has been slightly ahead of the overall market returns, as measured by the S&P. I have been in quality, high yield dividend stocks. The return is based only on the growth of the stocks without regards to the dividends, so actually probably a bit more. I think my average div yield is about 3.5%. There have been a few adjustments and call sells along the way, and that may be why I am slightly ahead of the general market.
    I have been kicking my self for not having been fully invested during what maybe the best few years for a long time. My worry now is are we running out of mojo, or not, but my feeling is we are close to an end to the run for these stocks. I am not a homerun hitter with stocks, but I am at a loss what the next group to start moving to, or maybe stay where I am at.
    Any thoughts?
  2. depends on your age, when you plan to retire, and how much of your total liquid net worth that 330k represents
  3. Good questions. 50, and very roughly 25%. I have time on my side, so am willing to risk, admit I would not have bought APPL just because Steve Jobs came back, but along the way when the stupidity of Jobs marketing gifts became evident, I would be willing to commit a portion for something similiar.
  4. I would like to close down my trading at 65, but more important I would like to offer the wife 60 as retirement. She is the health benefit provider so there maybe a big dollar consideration there.
  5. I wish I had made my call today to divest and wait for the next opportunity. Made a record high by1% and then dropped back to a loss on the day, at this point. I'll make it my call day.