Iqfeed with Neoticker Feedback

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  1. Specifically for the ES and NQ -

    The IQFeed real-time streaming is different from the one used by eSignal.

    There was a discussion in Elite sometime ago about the change made by CME to deliver their data.

    As eSignal is using the new modfied pipe while IQFeed is using another one, there time and sales will not look alike.

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  2. Hi Lawrence,

    Could you post a pic of what it does look like... i really like the T&S stream that come thru NeoT RT... from eSignal feed but do not like the cpu usage from eSig feed at all...

    i use your T&S filter to only allow 100 contracts or greater to come thru for ES and 50 or greater for NQ...





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  3. Here is a screenshot of the time and sales from eSignal.
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  4. Here is a screenshot of time and sales from IQFeed.
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  5. One uses the Motif look-and-feel and the other uses Windows XP? I don't understand why the source of eSignal or DTN's data from CME would change the Look & Feel of the application?
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  6. The screenshots come from two different testing computers.

    Thats why.

    We set up testing computers in various Windows settings all the time.
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  7. I've been using Neoticker RT with IQFeed for two months, and I'm very happy with both of the products (I've had IQFeed for two years with very few complaints). The service from both companies is exceptional.
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  8. Lawrence,

    thanks for taking the time to post those screen shots...
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  9. ESignal has more intraday data for backtesting. 120 trading days for ESignal, 120 calendar days for IQ.

    I have been told that by reps at each that they are planning to extend the amount of available intraday historical data.
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