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  1. Anybody here use Iqfeed with Neoticker?

    I looking for a high quality data feed to replace esignal. Need real-time for eminis & stocks and would like delayed data for everything else. Any gotchas or fyi would be helpful. I have reviewed their web site and support forums in detail.

  2. I did review that thread. It seems to be a toss up on which is better. I want to see if any neoticker users have comments.

    I recognize your handle. You post alot on the iqfeed forum. Are you satisfied with the service? Have you compared it to esignal?
  3. I think you stopped early. :)
    My comments are 3rd from the last on that page of the thread above.
  4. IQFeed is a great data feed for a cut-rate price.

    Neoticker is a premier charting application for creating customized strategies.

    Looks like you're headed in the right direction.


  5. IQFeed has matured into a stable data feed over the years.

    One of its strength is fast delivery of real-time data during busy mkt hours. That is pretty impressive.

    If their roll out of the long waited for historical tick data with seconds time stamp is completed, N-sec bar chart will be become possible for this feed.

    For now, N-sec bars can be charted in NeoTicker with IQFeed, but only in real-time because the real-time data received has the proper seconds information.
  6. Thanks Lawrence. You have a great product. I am considering iqfeed, ib & mbt for an alternative/backup feed to esignal. Can you respond to this thread regarding the MBT feed?

    I may PM you separately regarding your insights into the pros/cons and stability issues of these 3 options. Some of the info should not be posted in a public forum.

  7. nevadan


    I demo'ed iqfeed with neoticker and had trouble with a hole in the previous days data when I opened my charts in the morning. The holes were repairable but no one seemed to know why it was a recurring problem. I tried Qcharts next and after the demo period with no problems I went with them for my data (ex esignal subscriber). It has been two months now and every thing is still peachy keen. I have been using Neoticker for three years and like it better than anything else I have tried.
  8. Hi Lawrence,

    i am using NeoTicker RT with eSig and am considering switching to IQFeed...

    if i get IQfeed does the Time and Sales stream for both ES and NQ look the same as with the eSig feed and work as well..





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