IQFeed Watch OUT Guys!

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by BillyTheKid, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. I went online to their costumer support because I was experiencing delays between my front end and the charts with their feed!

    They (he actually this guy named Matt Brus) said it was because of my symbols not being right. I used BD# for the bunden . They said it should be BDU7, even though they should be identical the symbols. So we decided that I should observe and get back to them and ask for Matt Brus if things wouldn't get better.

    Things didn't get better and I went online again after 5-7 minutes. There was another there, Matt Brus was busy! So we tried a couple of different thing, without any bigger success.
    Oh, he said finally that it was my connection. Don't forget that my front end was still doing great without any delay on exactly the same connection.
    Finally I asked him if we should call it a dead end, and he said that there is another guy that can help me out!

    So Matt Brus again!
    This guy Matt Brus kept me online for 3 hours without helping me at all. He let me wait long, long periods. All he had to say was that they had crisis and that he had costumers on the phone (probably phone customers are no 1 priority! at IQFeed). And all that for absolutely nothing! We didn't solve anything at all. I lost 1/2 of my trading day waiting for Matt Brus. He didn't even wanted to confirm that the fault was theirs. He started to talk about the Atlantic between us being the problem. Have you heard of something like that before?!

    SO PLEASE GUYS bear that in mind when you think about IQfeed, and if you still have to come in contact with them look for someone else than Matt Brus!
  2. The name is rather appropriate, you are still a kid.

    We have been for over four years with IQfeed and only once had an issue.

    Do your homework and then you'll discover they are one of the best, and cheapest, for the retail trader.

  3. I might still be a kid, but I'm a kid that has done my homework, and according to that I must agree with you. They have the whole package.

    My problem is/was that I had to seek their help when I really needed it. And I believe that's when you really have the opportunity to see if they do or not.

    Normally the whole thing should work just great for everyone as long as it works.

    When things don't develop the way they should, that's when you really get the opportunity to test something. That's what happened to me, and I wanted to share it.

    Hopefully you are more right then me!
  4. Volatility will only go higher, if you day trade using leverage, go with the best, CQG. It will save you alot of grief, and $$$