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  1. If I only need E-MINI data feed, how much about IQFEED.

    is it only need 20(future)+ 15(exchange) = 35 USD

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    iqfeed DTN

    The best price available for Emini data would be an annual DTN.IQ subscription. For $44.50/mo plus exchange fees you get access to RT US and Canadian stocks, US and International Futures (emini is in this category), and equity options or nasdaq level II. A DTN.IQ subscription allows you to use our DTN.IQ software, or any software that runs with IQFeed.

    For IQFeed, if you are using QuoteTracker software only, you can get Eminis for $40/month paid monthly plus exchange fees. Otherwise, for use with all other 3rd party products it is $70/month plus exchange fees.

  3. Jay,

    Do any of the third party providers offer any kind of market profile chart capabilities?
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    iqfeed DTN

    Not at this time. We don't currently offer Market Profile data via IQFeed. Market Profile is only available on our ProphetX platform currently. This is something we may look at adding to IQFeed in the future though.

  5. copa8


    do you have to subscribe to the Basic Service, in order to sign up for the RT Futures & Futures Options? can i just subscribe to the RT Futures & Futures Options only, if i only need emini quotes (NQ, ES)?

    thanks in advance.
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    iqfeed DTN

    You must have the basic service in order to receive the RT futures. The most cost effective way to get futures is to buy an annual DTN.IQ subscription instead of IQFeed. For $45/mo plus exchange fees you get RT equities, options, futures and international futures. Thus, it is a much better deal than a monthly IQFeed subscription. Plus, you can use any of the IQFeed compatible 3rd party products or our own DTN.IQ software interface.
  7. copa8


    if i decide to change to annual DTN.IQ subscription from my current IQFeed monthly subscription, i can do so anytime, right?

    thanks again.
  8. iqfeed

    iqfeed DTN

    Yes. However, the annual price for DTN.IQ, which technically is 6 months free when you sign up for a year, will only be available for a limited time. We plan to go back to our 3 months free when you sign up for a year sometime soon.
  9. Ditch



    Do you supply a continuous contract on ES/NQ and how often do you transmit an update of the NYSE $tick?
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    iqfeed DTN

    We do not currently offer continuous charts on our IQ platform (we do on ProphetX) but plan to add them in the future (no time frame available). At for NYSE TICK (our symbol is TICK), it is calculated and transmitted every 5-6 seconds.
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