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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by Craig66, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. Craig66


    Is anybody out there using any of IQFeeds news streams?
    If so I'd like to ask a couple of questions.

    1. There seems to be multiple options to which one can subscribe (, AP Online etc) how did you decide upon which feed(s) to subscribe to?

    2. How far back do the news histories go?
  2. Bob111


    ask them directly via chat. fast,simple and accurate way to get the info. you need to have at least basic subscription,in order to get any news(free or premium)
  3. lwlee


    I'm using theflyonthewall and iqfeed separately at the moment. Just realized that it might be cheaper to bundle them. I use TFOTW's news feed and it costs $35/mth. iqFeed charges $25/mth. I send email to iqFeed to see if the feed is somehow not the full feed.
  4. Craig66


    I did have a chat to IQFeed, the limitation seems to be that the history only extends back about a month.

    Does anybody else have any suggestions for API news feeds? (with history)
  5. Bob111


    dunno//i've been fly's fan for a very long time and it was always $25 a month or 240 for a year(if you subscribe directly from them)
    i'm talking about basic,with no extras. you probably subscribed to something else from fly,if it cost you 35
  6. Bob111


    let me know,if you find anybody with news via API.
    1 month wasn't that bad. you can collect it by EOD once a day and store on your PC. to build your own DB. how far you need those news back? i have some scraps from yahoo,stored in txt files(talking about stocks)
  7. Craig66


    I was hoping for a couple of years at least.
    One could use the IQFeed stuff going forward of course, it's nice and cheap. But I was rather hoping to study the effect of news more systematically.

    Is it possible to download new history from Yahoo?
  8. Bob111


    ------------Is it possible to download new history from Yahoo?---------

    everything is possible..

    new history? english is not my native language,and I'm a bit confused here..:p

    once again-are talking about news for stocks? what news? upgrades\downgrades,corporate,releases, reports, any particular news agencies,sources,sec,edgar?what? you have to be very specific. if you are not-then most of the time you will get same\similar vague answer ..
  9. Craig66


    Sorry, that was a typo 'news history' is what I meant.

    To be specific I'm referring to stocks, as for the different types of news about stocks, I guess anything that I can get my hands on, it's hard to determine what is important until it's been tested.