IQfeed lvlII and DOM with IB as broker HOW?!

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by who281, Mar 2, 2012.

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    How can i use IQfeed as my quote source for DOM and Level II quotes, while using IB as my broker?

    I love Multicharts, but unfortunately it is not possible to use IQfeed in the DOM window.

    ANY software out there that will allow this?
  2. Ninjatrader works for me. :)
  3. who281


    Does it actually allow you to use Level II quotes or market depth from IQfeed, but still click to trade through IB?? (through the booktrader/DOM window).
  4. One gotcha is you'll need to have L2 turned on my IQFeed. The data's not there by default unless you selected it when you put your initial features package together.
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    I have Level II (OpenView) quotes, and market depth for futures turned on as well.. Meaning i'm paying for them from IQfeed...

    So, I should be able to use IQfeed as data yet trade through IB in the same "super DOM" window?

    If this is true.... thank you so much, i thought i was screwed haa
  6. To be quite honest, I signed up last week with IQ and have not executed any live trades with this setup yet, but as I understand it, I first connect to IQ Feed in Ninja, then to IB.

    Thus, NT is receiving data from IQ Feed and orders are routed from NT to IB.

    Generally, I find that such questions are better answered by directing them towards support at your respective vendor/broker and not on ET. :)
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    Haha good point, well I appreciate the input. At least i know who to ask now! Will contact NT monday.

  8. I agree. It IS a good point. Better to ask the source, than some some gossip on ET.

    Did you talk to Multicharts about this? Sounds strange that you can`t execute from your charting software.

    FWIW, I`m very happy, but I know there are quite a few that seems to think it is a crappy platform.