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    does anybody using IQFeed for Forex (realtime data, historical data)? I do not need tick - 5min intraday is enough for me as minimum period.
  2. I do. I am subscribed to the Tullets and Barclays Pkg

    I compare the data to Oanda, and IB's Data feed. Tullets seems to track the most accurately.

    Viewed as Tick (T@S) the bid / ask, is exactly what I see in IB's forex quote window. It may be .0001 off from Oands window as the spreads are different.

    Very tradeable data.
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    And what is better to use : Barclays symbols (B.....) or Tulletts (T.....) ?
  4. Considering you get both, I wouldd compare the data to whatever broker you have.

    For IB, Tullets tracked the Best.

    For Oanda, Tullets Tracked the Best.

    For FXCM, Barclays Tracked the Best.
  5. I've been using Tullets/Barclays data from DTN for about 3 weeks now and so far I am totally not impressed.

    They don't have enough crossrates. The data seems to start at an arbitrary time for the start of the week. I have yet to have it start at the same time from one week to the next and its pissing me off! I complained to DTN about it and they just told me that Barclays didn't give them data. As an agent for Barclays data, they should do more then that and find out what the problem is and let Barclays know there was a problem and customers are unhappy about it.

    Bottom line for me is they don't offer enough crossrates and the reliability for weekly open is terrible. I'm looking for alternatives which is a shame because I do really like DTN.

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