iqfeed / eSignal users taking advantage of cme fee waivers?

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  1. I know that both iqfeed as well as eSignal offer this program. But the whole damn thing is quite confusing, especially for iqfeed. So, if any of you are using this program with either iqfeed or eSignal, kindly post:
    1) Provider: iqfeed / eSignal
    2) Broker name
    3) Charting software used
    4) Order entry software used
    5) Comments, if any.

    I use IB as my primary broker, and would keep that. But do not mind opening another account elsewhere. Objective is to spend as little as possible on datafeed + exchange fees + charting + order entry software combo. I need full feed for CME, NYMEX, COMEX. CBOT would be nice too. I trade ES, NQ, EMD, EUR, CL, HG.

  2. That's what I thought. This fee waiver program is designed to be not usable. You have to go through many contortions to get all ducks in a row to qualify.
  3. jetbird


    I use mirus with free ninjatrader version. Saves me about $300/mo in data fees. It's lame that IB does not support this program.
  4. ndjeff7


    I use eSignal for my data feed and charting and trade through IB. So I just get the waiver through eSignal and make sure that I connect to IB through the API and make a couple of my trades per month through IB on the eSignal platform. The waiver program has definitely saved me a ton of dough since I can get all the globex symbols basically for free now (ES, NQ, CL, GC, 6E, 6b are what I trade).
  5. How do you like Mirus? If you are using free NT, then you can't use NT for order placement, right? Then how do you qualify? I am assuming you are using iqfeed? What is the order entry frontend? Thanks!
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    Mirus is great, no problems yet. I place trades using NT free.

    I use IQFeed for my charting, rock solid product IMO.
  7. Thanks! I will talk to Mirus guys to see if I can work out something.
  8. bathrobe


    1. IQ Feed
    2. Mirus
    3. Market Delta
    4. Ninja Trader
    5. This was very simple for me to do, I emailed my broker after contacting IQ Feed for a code and the rest was handled by them, I may have emailed my broker first I have since forgotten but iq feed only has to make sure you use a eligible broker and your in.

    I highly recommend it, the data is the best (imo, and many others) and this knocks off around $100.

    The exchange waiver covers all the markets you mentioned however the Nymex Oil and Gold are only electronic, not the pit traded contracts.

    regarding earlier posts: I also use the free version of NT to execute and like it more than the pay and the waiver program is not designed to not be usable, you simply need a broker that is listed on the waiver list.
  9. I use esignal and IB as well and have heard that they have a low priced feed called "on demand" that works with the fee waiver. It doesn't work for me because I trade more than the minis, but it sounds like it would be great for anyone that only trades the contracts that ndjeff7 trades. Low datafeed cost and no additional CME fees.

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    I've never heard of the "on demand" feed, maybe I'll check it out later. The fee waiver has definitely been great for me. The only contract that I'd watch that I can't get with it is the TF. I get all the interest rate and ag products with it as well, so it's not just minis.
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