IQFeed data vs other data providers

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  1. I$land


    I would like to compare my 3-min chart of HANS for January 9th with various data providers.

    I would appreciate it if you could each put your chart down and specify your data provider.

    Also, if anyone has done some comparison tests, I would like to know about your results.

    Thanks !

    My data provider : IQFeed.
  2. I$land


    Here is my chart from IQFeed...
  3. i also use IQ as my data provider... do you feel your chart of HANS is inaccurate... that their data is incorrect... or?

  4. I$land


    Yes, actually at many occasions I have found many and major differences with my IQFeed charts and other sources.

    I thought going with IQFeed would save me money but if the data is inaccurate I will have to use another possibly more expensive data provider.
  5. I$land


    So nobody is using eSignal here ?

    Just a simple copy/paste...

  6. StreamlineTrade

    StreamlineTrade Guest


    Don't even go there!

    I have used e-Signal and IQ Feed. There is no comparrison.

    IQ Feed works for a start

    IQ is far more reliable

    IQ has great customer service

    IQ is half the price

    IQ is....

    IQ is just way better.

    I trade futures though, not stocks.
  7. I$land



    Thank you for your comments.

    I agree with what you say, except maybe the reliability part, which I'm not sure of. I have strong doubts and that's why I would like to compare. Perhaps, eSignal is not better either.

    If only people would post their charts ;)
  8. JayF_eSignal

    JayF_eSignal eSignal

    Here's HANS on eSignal for yesterday. Thought I'd throw in a Volume study to help with comparisons.

  9. I$land



    Thanks !

    It seems both our charts are very similar. No big differences.

    Conclusion : I will stick with IQFeed until further proof :)

    Thanks to all who participated.
  10. squeeze


    IQFeed is resonably accurate for US data.

    Some of the European futures data is very rough bordering on unusable in my opinion.
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