IQfeed any good?

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  1. My current data feed is esignal which is good but the problem is I think the price on the high side. I am looking for a feed which is accurate and more or less real time. If the data is delayed by 10 seconds or so that doesnt matter to me as I wont be scalping. So the KEY factor for me is accurate data with no/few spikes. Is iq feed any good as a cut price esignal substitute or is it just a cheap and shoddy product?

    The reason I am think of iqfeed is that its only $20 per month and allows add ons for news and forex. I suppose mytrack is another contender too but I have no experience of that. Any opinions welcomed.

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    I made the switch from Esignal to IQFeed and have been happy. I haven't noticed any more bad ticks than I got with Esignal. I use it to feed TradeStation and my only complaint is that Esignal interfaces so much better since TS was designed to use their feed, but it wasn't too difficult to get IQFeed running with Hyperserver into TS.

    All in all I am getting the same quality data for almost half the cost.
  3. Thanks for that useful response wareagle. When you replied to the above were you referring to the same iqfeed I was thinking of ie at Their basic service is $50.

    (The reason I ask is because iqfeed is LESS than half of what I am currently paying for esignal).

    Thanks in advance
  4. Got any comments on the API?

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    Yes I am referring to the same IQFeed product. The reason its not quite half of my Esignal cost is because I added the CBOT exchange fee so I could get bond data. I couldn't even get the CBOT without moving up to the more expensive futures package at Esignal (I had the equities package with the CME eminis added) which would have made IQFeed about half the cost comparing apples to apples.

    bung, sorry, no, I haven't used the IQFeed API.
  6. Thanks for the reply wareagle which gives me something to think about.
  7. Do you have found the HyperFeeder for TS on the market and what was the cost?

    Also, which version of TS do you use? (TS 2000???)
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    I use TS 2000i. Hyperserver is free.