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  1. Has anyone here tried out IQCharts? If so what did you think? Would you recommend their services? Thanks

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    I used IQC and really liked the program. It comes with a excellent screener and its also accurate and reliable. Its a terrific deal for the price. The only drawback is that they dont provide Level II and time of sales.

  3. Not tick by tick, charts update every minute I think. They don't have futures data either. Somebody mentioned AFI as a QCharts alternative on a thread today. Never heard of them , what kind of product is it?
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    I have tried IQChart for two weeks free but have found it not that good. Why? Because it doesnt colour candles/bars and volume. I personally like to see right away if this is UP/DN vol or things like that- Also setting up parameters isnt that flexibile and intuitive. But I guess it all comes down to your personal preferences.

    Right now I am trying out QQL (real time and like it MUCH better, just may go with it).

    Good luck
  5. How does differ from the IBD screeners/scanners?, or any of the other services?