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  1. OK, I'm bored so I'll stir some s*it up by starting a controversial issue.

    What do you think about IQ tests? Particularly taking them without any prior preparation versus "studying" for them - there are only so many combinations they give you in tests.

    And a philosophical if not moral question: if a guy scores higher because he has studied for these tests, as opposed to taking a lower score by "unbiased" (no prior study). Is he cheating the system or he's actually smarter because ... part of being smarter actually involves being able to study and improve?
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    IQ tests are designed for studying to not have an effect on them

    How is this controversial? Because certain demographics have lower average IQ's?
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  4. hahaha I saw that the other day on FB.... LMFAO. Hope it's not genuine....
  5. I think that they are designed for a certain type of intelligence and as such are pretty limited in the objectiveness of their results.
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    If you take the same IQ test at standard intervals, say every 10 years starting at age 10, you will get different results each time.

    It takes a modicum of IQ to realize this. It takes no thought to realize this. Just common sense. Hello?
  7. Unless you just remembered the answers from the first test and just kept repeating them? Anyway none of this will matter once humanity evolves in to a single vast genderless hybrid machine human mesh organism, that spans the solar system but also respects the rights of all beings that do not wish to form part of it.