IQ of races in the United States.

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  1. 136? well it is no wonder black people bother him, he could be used as a tooth pick.

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  2. The next NYT bestseller though he owns the publishing company that released it. I must have it!


    "Andrew M. Nesbitt, takes the love of money into some of the darkest places on Earth, in his first novel. A young man, named Zach Mallery, attempts to launder millions of dollars only to find himself arrested on the other side of the world and thrown away to be lost and forgotten in a third world prison for the next 40 years of his life. As Zach sits in his dark cell contemplating who could have betrayed him and what he can possibly do about it, he wonders if he will even leave prison alive."

    The jockey who jumps to spread white supremacy propaganda, not science. I just read the professor he quoted had his title stripped by his university. He has not updated his personal website to reflect this.
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    We call them manlets
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  4. uh oh. Cracktester451 just arrived at the forum and now I have to move him to ignore.

    Fails to meet the minimum intelligence standards for posting here- and believe me, those standards are pretty low.

    Be well.
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    You're just mad you'll never be a high IQ jew.
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    Careful now, people around here get sensitive when you reverse Google their troll accounts and expose their poorly hidden identities. Something about their bosses not taking kindly to their racist ramblings.
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  7. Not even poorly hidden, he did not even try. I just got lucky to first search by Yahoo as an update had set it at default. He has a lot of posts there on Yahoo answers. Captain America has to be his favourite Marvel character. All I hear is helium voice in my head reading his posts.

    I have little doubt he is self-employed. Spreading crap like Linn is just terrible and dangerous. If all I can do is ridicule him for his superiority fantasies it is better than nothing.
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  8. Massacre and so true.
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  9. [​IMG]
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    Early childhood development plays a crucial roll in a person's education. Someone that comes from a broken home is far less likely to receive the attention they need to develop when they're young. They tend to struggle early in school and lag behind. This leads to lower test scores.

    You can draw almost a direct correlation between higher single parent household rates and lower test scores. The one anomaly is that American Indians tend to score a little higher than Hispanics. This can probably be explained by the fact that some Hispanic children face a language barrier whenever they enter the school system.

    Skin color doesn't have anything to do with someone's intelligence, but the environment they're raised in absolutely does.

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