IQ of races in the United States.

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    you just went full master race. You never go full master race
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  3. So facts = Eugenics now?
  4. You might also want to check out that in this study, whites aren't "The master race" as you call it, so that kind of blows a hole in your theory, doesn't it?
  5. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark

    Blacks vote 90% against republicans.They are definitely some of the smartest people out there.Jews Hispanics and Asians vote around 70% against republicans so they are pretty smart too.
  6. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark

    You're extra mad with Blacks right now because they will be the main reason Trump doesn't get a second term racist chump.
  7. Richard Lynn?
  8. My wife is black and this is low effort thinking racist poison. His forum posts say he is 150 pounds so 5'6"? His wife he says there is tiny at only 4'11" 85 pounds. He has been to the Philippines, hotel reviews, is she from there and this is why a little jockey likes the numbers on the Asians?
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  9. google "" these master race guys are such low effort thinkers. He clearly is open about his identity.
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    Peilthetraveler post
    Diet mt. it ok?

    I'm trying to get 6 pack abs, but I'm having an argument about diet soda. My Body fat is around 11.5% as of now. So my diet is like this 55% protien, 30% carbs, 15% fats. Calorie intake is always around 1300 to 1700. I weigh 136 pounds and do high intensity cardio 6 days per week (some of that cardio is with light weights like 20 pounds or so) My only vice is the diet mt. dew soda. I drink a few of them per day, for the taste. My question is...does this hinder my attempts to get 6 pack abs and if so...what is the reasoning behind it if diet dew is 0 calories and no carbs?

    stats: 136 lbs
    drinks: diet mt. dew to get 6 pack
    troll: confirmed

    Peil, buddy, grab a sandwich, it's what a high IQ person such as yourself should do.
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