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    epic conversation with one of IQ CS people..note that english is not my native language,but the woman on other side....1.5 hours! i did change the names.obviously there is some technical issue and by the time we finish everything is working fine..but i did not expect this level of support from IQ. it was much better before..

    V: Hi! is there is any problem with Business Wire news? cause i see for example news on BAC reported by Business Wire on yahoo, but nothing on Quote Tracker(which i use with IQ feed subscription) Thank you!

    You are now speaking with Lxx Fxx of IQFeed End User Support.
    Lxx Fxx: hello
    Lxx Fxx: I was looking at the news for the basic service.. I did not see that article in there either
    Lxx Fxx: that news is in the dow jones premium news service
    V: but on the link above it was Business Wire. in fact- i cant' get any news from Business Wire. i don't have more examples right now. so there is nothing wrong with this particular provider?
    V: PR NewsWire
    and other news providers are fine
    Lxx Fxx: correct. I do not see the story any where else
    Lxx Fxx: it is only in the dow jones premium news section
    V: this is just one example. are you able to see any news reported by Business Wire?
    Lxx Fxx: no not at all
    V: can you explain why? any technical issues on your or their side?
    Lxx Fxx: the dow jones prmium is $60.00 a month for that news service
    V: what service? it says on your from page-Real-Time streaming news from, PR Newswire, and Business Wire (other newswires available for an additional fee)
    V: so we should be able to get the news from Business Wire, right? and we are,until today
    V: let me repeat this one more time-why there is no more news from Business Wire?
    Lxx Fxx: we get basic news included in the service buth that sotry came throught the Dow Jones WALL STREET Journal
    V: once again..i'm not talking about this particular story. this is just a random example. you just said(see your own answer above) that you can't get any news from Business Wire agency. i would like to know why?
    V: cause it's looks to me that there either some changes been made in basic subscription or there is some technical issues?
    Lxx Fxx: ok , are you still getting the dow jones business wire?
    V: i have basic, delayed subscription (and streaming news from Business Wire is a part of it). dow jones is separate, and i don't have it
    Lxx Fxx: that is correct that will be a premium. We have made changes in our system to change auterizations for the premium servers, it seems you were receiving the dow jones premium until now
    V: like i said-i'm not receiving anything. and that's why i'm talking to you right now. if you did made changes, why there is nothing about it on your website? btw-there is no such thing as a dow jones business wire. at least-it wasn't on your website
    Lxx Fxx: DTN MarketWire ($60/mo)
    DTN MarketWire delivers price discovery, market analysis and industry-shaping news to help Energy traders stay ahead of the pack.
    Lxx Fxx: is that what you were talking about?
    Lxx Fxx: the premium DTN Market Wire for $^).))
    Lxx Fxx: $60.00 a month
    V: i'm having a really hard time understanding you. let me repeat this for third time-
    V: on this page above it says very clearly:
    V: Real-Time streaming news from, PR Newswire, and Business Wire (other newswires available for an additional fee)
    Lxx Fxx:
    V: Business Wire is a part of basic service. right?
    Lxx Fxx: no
    Loren Foster: it is a premium
    V: this particular page on your own website says opposite.
    V: you can read it yourself; i'm not making this up
    Lxx Fxx: I see
    V: ok..good. so the news from Business Wire should be in the basic package. Right?
    Lxx Fxx: I did not see the story with the bank of america in the Business wire
    Lxx Fxx: yes
    Lxx Fxx: I apoigize
    V: please..for third time-leave the BAC example alone. can you confirm or deny following(after 50 min epic conversation). if i understand you correctly-it's looks like that the Business Wire news now are part on DTN Marketwire subscription and only available as a SEPARATE,ADDITIONAL subscription for $60 a month?
    V: or there is some technical issues and Business wire news will be back as a part of regular, basic package(the way it use to be until today?)
    Lxx Fxx: that I will check into on a different system to find out why
    Lxx Fxx: it is running on my seperate QT account though
    Lxx Fxx: correct the higher premium are at a additional fee
    V: Then why those changes are made without any prior notifications to the customer or not mentioned anywhere on the IQ feed website?
    Lxx Fxx: can you log out all the way to see then log back in?
    V: what do you mean by that?
    Lxx Fxx: log out and back to see do you have time
    V: i'm a bit confused here..what exactly are asking me to do? login into which application? this chat, Quote Tracker,IQ feed client?
    Lxx Fxx: QT
    V: it's located on separate PC(not this one) and this PC was off right now. what this have to do with my initial question?
    Lxx Fxx: Vlad: Hi! is there is any problem with Business Wire news? cause i see for example news on BAC reported by Business Wire on yahoo,but nothing on Quote Tracker(which i use with IQ feed subscription) Thank you!
    V: ok. i did login into QT and checked the BAC for news-no news found
    Lxx Fxx: that is correct, no news found for the BAC
    Lxx Fxx: it was only liste in the DJ premium news
    Lxx Fxx: none of the other news source listed the artcle for the BAC
    V: i guess i have pull all the news from other sources(such yahoo finance) for all the stocks, reported by Business Wire and then i have to come back to you with more examples?
    Lxx Fxx: ok
    V: Ok, i will. Bye!
  2. Yes, they were bought out by some company...

    and when i had a problem 3 weeks ago... called up and asked why a certain Futures Symbol was not working... they gave me a different symbol and then it worked but never sent an email or whatever about the change in symbols...

    Bob... You Will Need To Learn Old Irish Gaelic If You Need Support... :)

    arrrgh... Things Cost more and Service Is Worse...

    and.... My Datafeed has been much more sluggish for the last 3 weeks... but i thought that might be on my end... now i am not sure... arrghh...
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    you are right about is much slower (even historical data downloads after market close) and much more errors\incorrect data than before..
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    I must admit they have been a little crap during this recent volatility, I've been experiencing huge lag even though I was using very little CPU or bandwidth, or course it was all my fault. I hear NxCore has also been groaning under the strain, not many choices really...
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    So, the real names aren't Vlad and Loren Foster?
  6. Same here...had a couple other quirky things happen recently as well after using them for over a year without problems. Going to have a look at activetick as an alternative...anyone have experience/cautions?
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    Same here guys, iqfeed is crap now, I have been using them for about 4 years. Before that I used esignal which was much worse. My data feed through lightspeed is always faster but their charts suck.
  8. iqfeed

    iqfeed DTN

    I invite anyone who is having issues with IQFeed to contact me directly so I can have one of our techs schedule a telephone call to work through the issues. If there is a problem, we need details and want to get to the bottom of it. A telephone call is usually more efficient than other means of communication.

    The chat thread posted here was enlightening and I am not sure why there was so much confusion on our part. For that I apologize. Business Wire is part of the basic service. If searching for news for BAC came up empty, it likely was due to Business Wire not tagging the symbol within the story. We should have looked into this more deeply. We don't "scan" stories for symbols so if they aren't tagged by the provider it won't come up in a search.

    We have made significant upgrades in hardware, software and bandwidth over the past 6 months. We are hearing reports from users of bottlenecks that are related to users machines not keeping up as market volumes have increased. Remember, as we increase capacity due to faster markets, so must you. Because of this we are working on a new version of IQFeed that will alert customers when their machine is queuing data (either not reading data off the internet socket fast enough or the client software not processing the feed fast enough off the IQFeed client). We see this most often with 3rd party software that hasn’t done any enhancements themselves to keep up with the high market volumes or don’t support our latest and more efficient APIs.

    We have done significant testing regarding the speed of history requests with the help of both users and developers. While we did make some code changes to improve things, users should remember that pulling 1 day of tick data today will take longer than pulling it 6 months ago or a year ago. This is because 1 day of tick history contains more data today than it did in the past due to increased market volume. We service the majority of the tens of millions of history requests we receive each day in under 1 second. A single day of tick data for an active contract is tens of megs. We have users pulling 120 days of tick data, which can easily be hundreds of MB. It takes time to download this amount of data.

    Again, we take our job of providing fast, accurate data seriously and we are here to work with users that have issues. If it's a problem on our side, I can assure you we will resolve it.

    As to the comment of being bought out by a big company. This is true and I can tell you it has had absolutely zero impact on our business or commitment to serving customers.

    Jay Froscheiser
    Telvent DTN
  9. Jay- will you be adding milliseconds to your timestamps?