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    I trade the e.minis with Quotetracker and the standard data feed from IB.
    I don't want to change my charting platform, tested Ninja Trader and wasn't happy. So I can't go with Zen-Fire.
    I came upon IQ feed. Is there an advantage in accuracy etc. over the standard IB datafeed? Is it worth to pay the extra fees?
  2. Just an FYI for you stock traders out there . . . The DTN "IQ-Feed" does NOT provide Level-2 NYSE or AMEX quotes, only NASDAQ.

    Sad, but true.
  3. IQ feed evolved out of a commodities only data base years ago, so the L2 stuff kinda makes sense.

    IQ feed subscription gives you much deeper historical data, especially for futures. The feed itself is not really any different than IB's, and won't help you for backup if you use IB for your broker, cause if IB's data is down, so is IB in general probably.
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    iqfeed DTN

    Just some clarification. IQFeed actually didn't come from a commodity base. IQFeed was an equity product originally. DTN (the parent company) does have its roots in the commodities markets. Since inception 30 years ago, we (DTN) have expanded beyond commodities and have created products serving various markets and traders.

    also, take Landis82's comments with a grain of salt. For some reason he/she feels a need to post that exact comment on every thread regarding IQFeed, even if it has nothing to do with the question being asked. He is correct, we don't carry NYSE/AMEX Open Book. While he may need it for his/her trading, we get VERY FEW requests for these feeds and we prefer to spend our time on data and features the majority of our customers need/want. Luckily there are alternative services available that can provide him/her what he/she needs.

    Feel free to sign up for a trial of IQFeed to see if it provides any benefit to what you have from IB. Some of the key differences will be the tick by tick data, extensive historical database and real time news feeds from PR News, Business wire, and included in the basic service. We also offer 800# telephone support to help you with any questions you may have.
  5. In this day and age, I believe that most people would assume that a data-feed that carries equity quotes would ALSO feature Level-2 for NYSE and AMEX - - - especially with all of the ETF's that are available these days.

    Yet, DTN does not offer this in their equity feed. I thought that I would point this out, because most people that trade EQUITIES would tend to assume that a data-feed would automatically offer this.

    Such is the case with DTN.
    I made the mistake signing-up for such a data-feed subscription via DTN ( IQ-Feed ) and found out the hard way that I was "misinformed".

    Full disclosure is important.
    I'm not sure why anyone would want not want to address such an issue.

    Thank You for your reply.
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    IQfeed is good but it is too expensive for nothing. You can get a high quality feed from some brokers at no cost.

    IQFeed charges you like 50$ every time you add a little "service" to your account, like Futures. Then, when you stop your subscription and come back a few months later they will charge you that 50$ again. Those little extras add quickly on top of the 120$+ monthly fees, just ridiculous...
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    there's a fee calculator en their website. For my QuoteTracker I would have to pay 75 $... I'll sign up for a trial to see if it's really worth the extra money over IB.
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    iqfeed DTN

    I am sorry you assumed something was in the feed. In 10 years of selling DTN.IQ/IQFeed service, I haven't heard of anyone assuming Open Book was part of our feed (Until now). This is why we provide details of what is included with our service on our website. We have a calculator that allows users to configure the service how they need it and see exactly how much it will cost. We have toll free sales and service reps here to answer any questions you have and we offer a free trial. In the end, you shouldn't be out anything except a little time in order to determine if we provide what you need.

    Thank you, Landis82, for making it clear to everyone that we don't carry Open Book (in case someone reading this assumed we do). If Open book is something you require, there is no reason to try our services at this time. If the demand for these feeds increase, we will add it. Luckily, there are tens of thousands of traders who don't need it (current customers). The hundreds that sign up each month must not either. If Open Book is a requirement in order for you to subscribe to our services, please email me directly at and I will be sure to evaluate the demand.

    Jay Froscheiser
  9. Just make damn sure u read IQ's cancellation policy REALLY REALLy well in advance.
  10. Are u trading tick by tick? Scalping ? If not, IB's feed is just fine.
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