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  1. ...anyone ever try IQfeed? it's only $50/mo, $70 w/ NL2, and API costs $300/year (no monthly fees) and gives you access to the MMID fields in the box...(not that it would give you any edge, but it's still kewl).

    i'd love any comments on

    1)stability of the feed

    2)cust service

    3)how well the API works, how good support is, and if there are any resources (like yahoo groups or a support forum) for the IQFeed API.
  2. I'm curious to know if you can get market depth for Globex and ECBOT futures via IQFeed. Any one?
  3. here's a link for xchange fees

    so w/ all US equities (NOT INCL OPTIONS, which is another $30 and btw, ridiculous since OPRA charges them like $1) and no further taxes, the RT subscription is $83/mo...

    so for US equities, NL2, plus the API it's about $108/mo

    definitely much cheaper than esignal, which comes out to about $150/mo the first year (and then roughly $132 each year after that)...
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    Is you go via the QuoteTracker link, it's even cheaper, only $20 a month : There is a 7 day free trial too, although I don't suppose this includes the API unfortunately.

  5. cool, thanks for the link!
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    I'm looking at the IQ feed with Neoticker... due to probs with Qcharts ... I bet Esignal subscribers have increased as well recently:confused:

  7. I use IQFeed API ( I have C++ program - I connect to IQFeed using their Socket interface).

    So far, my feelings are mixed. I use them for EMINI data mostly, 1 minute.
    I have many days where connecting to one server produces different prices then another.

    What they offer to connect to - their connecting methods - is the worst I have ever seen. In fact, whoever thought of the connecting methods, has the most flawed logic of any person in history - what they do is manage connection by an ONMouseMove() message (if your mouse moves to certain location, this is telling them about you connecting??).

    Their API has many bugs, and I have yet to solve them.

    The reason - they claim a NEW API due out 1st quater 04. This should fix connection issues and others.

    They are reliable, in terms of support and being up (have been up for me every day since october 1st).

    I am using them for my testing stage (backtest my strategy) but I do not plan to use them for realtime unless they can improve the poor API.
  8. You can't use the API with this feed.
  9. thanks very much for the info...and that's too bad about that API.

    i can't find any documentation on the API from their web page (except for the table about syntax at ) -- do you have a link to their documentation, or to a support forum?

  10. We offer an ActiveX interface to ur feed in addition to the socket interface. Using the ActiveX control, you would not need to worry about the WM_MOUSEMOVE message.

    If you have any questions about the API, please send them directly to our development team at . We would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

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