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    Another issue ( sorry, not quite related to the thread), is the lack of seconds time stamps on real time and historical tick data.

    IQfeed's new servers are supposed to correct this problem this year. I hope it's much sooner than later.
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  2. I think you should call IQfeed central - THIS i thought they did add on the last IQ software update... i don't use it but they called me to tell me that now have that so not sure why its missing on your system...

    you have the latest version of IQ etc

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  3. Short and sweet.

    I use the IQ Feed/Quotetracker/Global Futures combo. I also use QuoteIN softwae to stream data into a spreadsheet via a dual data feed from IQFeed.

    I trade mainly ES, and this combo works like a charm.

    Couldn't be happier.

    Jimmy Jam
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  4. Really happy for ya Jim... but we are talking about stock data and bad ticks coming thru on it so much its hard to stomach...

    both Risk' and i notice it... especially when you take the the quotes from the QuoteIN RTD and throw them into Sierra Charts on the fly... you can see the bad ticks over and over...


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  5. I honestly feel you on that one.

    If they can't clean-up their act with stocks, and that's your instrument of choice, I'd seriously recommend looking at a higher end data provider.

    You might want to check with some of the guys on the PnL thread who move a lot of money trading stocks to see what their data/hardware setups are.

    But for derivative instruments, IQ Feed is choice.

    Good trading,

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  6. I am going to change from using IQ CHANGE field to IQ LAST field and see if the data is more reliable and accurate...

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  7. I agree with you.. .their Futures data is usually spot on and futures volume too...

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  8. The only quote field I use from their feed is LAST. No volume, no high/low, no change, etc. Only LAST and I still get that crap.

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  9. Indexes and futures are always timely and accurate. It's stocks during high volume/high tick periods (especially right after major reports) that are a BIG problem.

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  10. Dang... then i have no alternate choice...

    and i notice just like you...

    when there is a spike in the market... bang incomes the bad data from the exchanges...

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