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  1. I know this may sound like a really beauty of a question, but here goes:

    I subscribed to IQ feed to get the real Tick by tick data. I am using QuoteTracker with IB TWS. My question is this: Twice today I had a discrepancy between what IQ was delivering (via QT) and what wasa actually displayed on the IB screen. It may have been (as it turned out) a few ticks in my favor but nonetheless I stopped until I can figure out which one to use: IB feed or IQ.
    I trade futures only and use 1 minute and 10 tick charts.

    Thanks for any help

  2. IB aggregates ticks to save on bandwidth, so that may account for the difference.
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    I also subscribe to IQFeed for real time data (ER2,ES,YM,NQ,EUR) and IB for orders. Twice today IQ was noticeably out of sync with IB. This is the first time in a while the two feeds didn't match. If you're noticing one or two tick discrepancies all the time then it's probably the tick aggregation feature of IB as FullyArticulated addressed.
  4. Thanks for all your help guys.

  5. Ya I don't think you can tell which is right or wrong.
  6. My trouble with DTN/IQFEED lately is when news/reports come out and their feed sends out TONS of bad ticks right when markets are moving very, very fast. It screw the crap out of my data. Recently, they upgraded some of the connection software which helped a bit but they need to do *something* about the fact that markets move a LOT faster than a year ago and their servers are not filtering out GARBAGE data.
  7. Same shit again today. Oil report comes out and dtn/IQFeed takes a crap by sending out tons of bad ticks on a lot of stocks. The time when the market's moving is when their data becomes worthless!

    From 10:31am to 10:37am (7 minutes) I kept getting bad ticks on energy stocks thru their feed today.
  8. DTN is pretty clear--they do not filter anything they get from the exchange. It's very likely these ticks came from NYMEX itself.

    In any case, you should post to their support forum to make sure there isn't a systemic problem with DTN itself.
  9. It seems to me that (roughly) when the "hybrid" trading was introduced, a LOT more trading/price changes have been taking place, especially right after major news/reports come out and their servers appear ovewhelmed and start sending out totally rubbish data like 00.00 or 8888.00

    I've called/written and problem continues though.

    It's really too bad because 98% of the time the data/transmition is great. But the other 2% of the time when it's *really* critical that data be received clean and on time, their servers go to crap.
  10. I have same problem... are your misquotes on LAST or on CHANGE fields...



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