IQ and trading

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    This should be included in the test for brokers.

    You see it?
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  2. LKJ? :confused:
  3. look for a geometric pattern...

    LKJ I agree ! The image is a red herring No ? i.e. trying to find some geometric pattern is a no-no. Simply JKL are letters in the picture.

    And of course the series is a reverse alphabet.
  4. KBI :cool:
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    It rotates in some clockwise pattern but after 4 rotation it rotates full circle, i.e. the first and the fourth are parallel.
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    Awsome puzzle as applied to trading!
  7. I wonder how much iq is linked to successfull trading. I guess it would depend on what style of trading you do.It would be interesting to get the IQ results of successfull traders. Someone should do a poll.

  8. IQ test is not a fair assessment of someone's ability to adopt to ever changing market conditions. Like a very astute pilot a good trader has to be assessed mostly by his/her ability to quickly react to the situation and the ability to rapidly come up with the decision on what to do next. IQ test deals mostly with the amount of practical knowledge rather than with the decision making skills. I was an active member of MENSA association and took multiple IQ tests of different origin. I would apply none of them to assess a trader. :)
  9. But you are a good trader, no :)
  10. Its a tough question. I sweated out my success for 14 years. I made every single mistake on the book. Yes, I am OK now, but I can not consider it as a success story. My persistence paid off, finally, but I could be more successful elsewhere. I have a lot of education and my average IQ is 176 but it did not make my life in trading any easier. My partner (who is a brilliant trader) has IQ of 82 and constantly beats me in trading returns. :)
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