IPOS racing to market to grab all that FREEEEEEEEEE $$$$$

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    best time to be going public. Everyone racing and getting that free fed money. Why not right. With all the hype and free money swirling around the entire world right now is a gift to go public and collect as much money you can before its too late to do so. Another reason you have to thank the fed for this huge in coming wave of IPOs!!!!!

    IPO market gears up for busiest week since May 2019 — when Uber went public — with 12 deals on tap
    Published: Sept. 15, 2020 at 11:08 a.m. ET
    Ciara Linnane
    Cloud company Snowflake is expected to raise up to $3.08 billion in biggest-ever software IPO and biggest deal of the year so far

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    According to studies buying IPOs right away, on day one, is a losing proposition, assuming you can even buy them at the price you want to begin with.

    Surprisingly, the best time to buy IPOs is... a year later (on average)!

    Do your own research guys and see for yourself... :cool:
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    I have seen something unprecedented in my country as well, as one of the energy sector players, announced it's IPO on TV via adds.
    (Different side of the ocean tho)
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    So many big names that have been private often for ages are IPOing now -- Corsair, Unity, Bentley Systems, Palantir. Party like it's 1999, I guess.
  5. Snow Flake....baaaawaaa wtf has this country come to???? I guess one could crap in a box and IPO it right now.

    But kidding aside d08 is correct. Takeum private when the market has seen through the hype and lies and has beaten down the stock price, then as another generation of kids spending dads money arrives to the market and the Fed again is ready to set them up like bowling pins, takeum public again at the TOP.
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    You forgot UTZ...hahaha

    A fu$king pretzel company going public.
  7. SNOW Flakes ... Nailed it :D

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