iPod Touch 32gb 2nd Gen + AppleCare

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    I have a very clean iPod Touch 32gb 2nd generation for sale that works perfectly. Since I bought it there has been a protective sheath over the screen and a hard-case protecting the body (both of which will be removed prior to sale). So while not "like new" it is in very, very nice condition, no scratches on the screen, etc. It has the latest version of the Touch software (which normally costs an additional $4.95 for this gen). It is also covered by the full AppleCare Warranty until Dec 18, 2010. The normal warranty that comes with a new Touch only gives you phone support for one call which must be made during the first 90 days, and after that you have to pay about $30 per call. Also, with the original warranty if you need repairs the shipping to Apple is only covered for the first 90 days, after that you have to ship it by an Apple specified carrier at your expense. With the AppleCare coverage on this Touch you have unlimited free phone support thru Dec 18, 2010. And if you have any problems Apple will repair/replace it for free, and pay for shipping both ways up until Dec 18, 2010. Basically, the Apple new-product warranty is not bad, but there's a reason they call it "limited". By comparison the AppleCare warranty covers free unlimited phone-support, free shipping, and free repair/replacment.

    I would like $200 for this Touch due to the excellent condition, the latest software, and the additional AppleCare warranty coverage. I will only ship within the continental USA and the price includes free shipping. Payment is only accepted via PayPal. And when we agree on a sale/purchase, prior to you making the payment, I will give you the serial number so that you can plug it into this Apple website to prove the AppleCare coverage and dates. The warranty transfers with the iPod Touch and doesn't matter who owns it.

    I am selling because, while 32gb size is huge, it is not quite big enough for my collection and Apple introduced a 64gb model (retail $399, although you can find it cheaper). Anyway, serious posts only, and if you'd rather not discuss it in public please send me a PM. Thanks.
  2. Ebay?
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    I may go the eBay route, I've sold things there in the past. Or Craigslist. Or Amazon reseller. Thought I'd list it here first as I know a lot of members and wanted to see if there was any interest.