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  1. hillcall


    Yes folks, even though the ipod is basically a good legal scam, the iphone will sell millions also. the obvious rip on the apple format is $1.00 per song to download. well of course anyone with a little common sense will get an mp3 format player and use napster or some other non itunes/apple music subscription service and download all the music you want for $20.00 bucks or so a month. Apple is the non-conformists dream company. They
    are selling counter-culture products and got very wealthy with it. I own one of their laptops besides pc hardware. overall-the apple is the best for simplicity of use and sensible without billys' microcrash operating system.
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  2. Daxtrader


    The Ipod sucks. Get a Creative Zen Vision M. I got the 30gb for $170 from dell.com. Does everything the ipod does and more, including FM Radio. Looks a lot better than the ipod. And best of all, you don't have to use fucking itunes to transfer music. Just simple drag and drop. Apple products suck. The "white" look is just played out.
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  3. kidrazor


    Ha! The creative Zen brick, try runninng or doing anything with that thing. I do agree it is a good MP3 player though, but it loses against the nano.
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  4. TGM


    good call

    Creative Rocks IMO. Works great. You can use it as a recorder (dictate notes or loosing trades). U can also record from the radio. It can seem a little bulky at first but for me it was a nice step down in size from the old sony walkman/diskman.
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    Your a DJ?? Well this is a first on ET. A post from a DJ.

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  6. Yep, pretty much its like getting a Motorola brick from the 80's compared to the Nano. I remember my old 3rd generation Ipod 20 gig. Chucked that thing once I got a Nano. Zen looks nice but, kind of gotta get w the program.
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