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  1. but isn't iTunes the only file sharing site that is compatible with the iPod?

    I haven't been able to find everything I want on BitTorrent
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  2. Surdo


    I would not call iTUNES file sharing since you pay .99/ song.

    Try Limewire and eDONKEY for ptp filesharing.

    If it's out there you will find it on the above sites.

    An iPOD will play anything.

    el surdo

    PS: my clunky 2nd generation has been in the pool and still works!
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  3. Get Limewire and download every song, put them in iTunes and you're golden...
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  4. I just did a Google search and you need to download hacker software to use any file sharing service other that iTunes. 99 cents a song does suck.
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  5. Surdo


    What are you talking about?

    Go to download.com and load up LIMEWIRE, just stay away from the really small files and you are good to go.

    AVOID kazaa and any others loaded with spyware.

    Just read the reviews on download.com.
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  6. First, iPod works fine with Limewire downloads.

    I would love to have a good mp3 player and a good phone combined for a reasonable price, because it means I don't have to carry two units around. More importantly, iPod kids almost all have cell phones these days, and a lot of them will feel the same way, and they have the disposable income to act on their desires. mp3 player/phone combo makes sense to me.

    The thing is that my Nokia phones have been bulletproof - I can drop them at will and they work fine. A combo would have to be just as bulletproof.
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  7. ah, I see... mistaken... will now cower in corner.
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    Apple's iphone importance has NOTHING to do the fact it can be an ipod and play music. I think people are misisng the main deal, we are seeing a shift in demand to smart phones. Don't believe me? Look at the Blackberry effect. I'm watching my co-workers and friends all start to grab these things up (stock price up 100 percent in 6 months too.)

    My point being is that Apple is PERFECTLY positioned to make a smart phone that syncs with email, calendars, ichat, web browser, and even transition effortlessly into a wi-fi network and use skype/vonage, ichat, etc.

    Apple has already refined the programs for real computers. I can't believe that people that think they won't be able to do it for a phone. It's like saying the engineer who built a skyscraper couldn't pitch a tent.

    Ohh yeah, GPS built in with GOOGLE maps, they've been real cozy lately.

    So basically I don't give a shit about an ipod phone either, I want the apple smart phone, that's the true killer.
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  9. You're 1 out of 10 that has that experience. I would not form my opinion the way I have as I was actually looking to buy an IPOD 1.5 years ago. I actually went around and asked real life people bout their Ipods. You can also search the internet for the general experience. Obviously nothing is 100%, not 100% of Sony products last forever and ever but I have used Sony for PC, TV, Minidisc, PS2, headphones, MP3 and only the PC had the harddrive burn out after 3 years. The Minidisc just refused to stop working, I would love to see any Ipod take even half the abuse the Sony Minidisc can endure

    Ipods do have the reputation for being flimsy and to break easy. They aren't good for running, the mini-Ipods fare better but have other issues. They do not have long lifespans, nor were they meant to, otherwise Apple would have a hard time getting the same people to keep buying the new Ipods year after year.

    This is the MP3 player I have but my model is slightly older, from 1.5 years ago. Bought it for $150, the software is great, love the product, the internal battery has a great life and recharge time. 512mb flash mem is fine with me, it's very easy to switch playlists and rotate them. Not to mention how small, sturdy and convienient the player is. I can even spar with it on.


    Since you want more mem, thats gonna be more expensive but flash mem has gotten cheaper with time. Just look around, I know Creative Labs has MP3 players with 2-4GB mem at close to half price of what the Ipod costs. The Apple marketing machine has competely overshadowed the competitors, some of which have made great progress and released great products. I bought mine at Circuit City or Best Buy, don't remember as I just compare those 2 and a couple other electronics stores and go to the cheapest one, as one of them is always undercutting the rest on some products on any given day. I'm in NYC so it's about they are all conviently located.
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