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    Was watching on the money tonight on cnbc and the ipod phone came up. WHY????

    Is anyone here really going to buy something like this?

    I really have to understand why anyone would want a music player on their phone. They already have mp3 player phones on the market that to my knowledge havent really taken off.

    Instead of adding a music player to a phone I think they should take some time and find a way to increase the battery life on the average phone.
  2. Apple is one of the best product designers. There are lots of mp3 players on the market, yet the IPod is the best. The Iphone or whatever they call it could be huge.
  3. iTV will also be big. AAPL to $100.00+
  4. Great technology but sh*t quality.

    Apparently to expect an IPOD to last over a year is unreasonable. I can't condone paying a few hundred dollars for such products no matter how many bells and whistles.

    Sony on the other hand, that's true quality. It's great that everybody is on their knees for Ipods, I bought an awesome Sony MP3 player for dirt cheap. Thanks Ipod!

    Iphone is gonna run on hype, Apple is forced to continue increasing sales & growth at any expense, or else the stock plummets and the company will suffer big time. They are gonna run the same strategy, focus on bells & whistles at the expense of quality, which only reinforces futures sales as ppl find their Ipod phones breaking. But right in time, Apple will have the new versions with new fun & flashy commercials and campaigns. I think they got the formula down to a T and it's highly doubtful the sheep will catch on.

    Keep it up Apple. I love getting quality products dirt cheap. iTV you say? I can't wait, those Sony flatscreens looking real nice.
  5. OK, so give me a recommendation for which Sony model is a good one. My wife wants one for Christmas, but I haven't got a clue about these things. 2 to 4 GB would be plenty big enough.

    Oh, and the best place to buy one :)


  6. the iphone could be the next ipod boom. If you ask me though, I dont care much for an mp3 player on my phone....cool ring tones is good enough for me. If I listen to music, its either on this comp or in my car.
  7. well I've gone through two non IPOD mp3 players. Three as I think about it. The first was a Dell and then two Samsungs (the last Samsung was a gift). Mp3 players apparently don't last very long.

    The thing I never liked about IPODs is that you have to download through ITUNES. Nevertheless, I'm picking up the new clip-on model over the next few days.

    I've heard that the larger sized IPODs break when you go running or drop them because they do not use flash memory. It seems that a year or so ago you could get a flash IPOD up to two gigs.
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    Actually an iPOD will play any mp3 file, iTUNES will only play on an iPOD.
  9. get a sony w800i or any of the sony mp3 phones. get a 4G memory card and stuff it full of mp3s. saves alot of pocket space and if the battery runs out of teh phone u can always buy a new one but with stupid ipods u gotta gettem replaced adn opened up and its crap.
  10. Wrong. I washed my Ipod in the washing machine and put it through the dryer before I realized it and it came out working. I've also owned it more than your ridiculous one year comment. Apple products are fantastic.
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