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  1. Great move this stock has had the past few days.
  2. lojze


    In what % such a move would be predictable based on first spike 10 days ago and the spike on friday?
  3. I bought 25,000 shares at an average price of $8.25 today.
  4. Sold 25,000 at $12.00.
  5. Arnie


    I tried to short this at 11.99 today thru IB, but no luck. In fact IB doesn't ever seem to have stock available for shorting. Can anyone recommend a good broker for shorting?
  6. I bought 1 million shares at $1.90, and I still have them, that's why the stock keeps going up. They are waiting for me to unload.
  7. Sanjuro


    Good Job stock777!

    That was a great trade.
    Maybe you can give me a tip next time you load up. :)
  8. Gut says this thing gaps. I'm taking 15 home overnight.
  9. Stock went over $16 today.Sucks that i got out.Are you still in it?
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