ipix are traders stupid or what?

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    18:19 ET Interactive Pictures reports Q1 results; revs down 88.7% (IPIX) 16.30 +1.12: Co reports a Q1 net loss of $0.41 a share vs a yr-ago loss of $0.01; revenues fell 88.7% to $0.72 mln (no estimates available). Security revenues for the qtr were two thousand dollars vs five thousand dollars in the yr-ago, or approx. 2.8% of total sales. IPIX finished the qtr with approx $9 mln in cash reserves.

    traders ran this thing up from $2 to 16 because it was supposed to be a security stock. they had $2000 in security sales last quarter.lol
    this puppy is going back to single digits.
  2. whoop de doo :p

    I just have had it with stock market posters ( especially on yahoo message boards )

    who use the term

    "this puppy ."

    you want a puppy ... get a puppy

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    Put your money where your mouth is.... short it.

    Btw, I never have traded IPIX.
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    >Put your money where your mouth is.... short it.

    Oh, he's short alright. Probably at about 14 and change. He wants you to save his ass.

    >Btw, I never have traded IPIX.

    Me neither.

  5. Who was it that said " the market can stay irrational longer than you can stay liquid"
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    Check this out. NCC reports earnings 1.16 vs .71 expected. Last year's was .81. Thats almost 50% growth.

    Stock sells off for a point and a half from the open. Closes up a measly 40 cents. For the past month, the stock has been selling off. It's P/E is only 11.

    I kept trying to take it long at first but then just shorted it and let it ride. Leave the fundamentals at the door when it comes to intraday.
  7. It was as high as 27, not 16.

    These ramp jobs are the work of kitemeisters, as I have posted before. Pure manipulation in the same way bulletin board stocks are manipulated. They must have figured out they can do the same thing on Naz for bigger bucks.

    Hard to trade long, cause the valuations are stupid, harder to short, cause they can double on you at anytime.
  8. What about ABIX? It went up more than 200% yesterday...
  9. Keynes.
  10. 800K float. Deep pockets doing intraday buyouts :cool:
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