IPIX..anyone looking at this today

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  1. any news? It's a monster.....

  2. another squeeze...called SLK for a locate just for shits and giggles..not one share available
  3. No problems here accessing stock to short, we are with SouthWest???

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    Sorry... I just saw the other thread for IPIX maybe the moderator should just close this one.
  4. Yes, unbelievable move. If you want another microcap name in the security space that closely resembles the pre-explosion IPIX of two weeks ago in terms of float, market cap, short interest ratio, etc., check out IDN. It's up from under $4 a few weeks ago to $6. But if IPIX is any tell, there could be a lot more to go should a squeeze be triggered.

  5. cool.....not that I wanted to sell it anyway. :eek:
  6. Small company based in San Ramon, California that is known for the 360 degree visual software that is used by Real Estate brokers on their websites to show homes.

    Go figure.
  7. THATS right now I remember where I heard that name...lol I was just using their technology this weekend looking for a new home in the south end of my county.

    Thank you...was driving me crazy.

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  8. Same here. I thought that name sounded familiar.
  9. Look at MACE. Same sector.
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    Any notions as to where IPIX and TBUS are going to top off? Particularly TBUS since that's what I'm holding right now...
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