iPhone vs. Bold, Round 1 - Fight!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by overspool, Jan 24, 2009.

  1. I'm thinking about ditching the iPhone and getting the Blackberry Bold. I'm just trying to make sure I'm not crazy. Anybody had both? Or the Bold? Likes? Dislikes?

    I like the iPhone but I don't use a lot of its features (even the mp3 and video). I don't use you tube or the stocks feature. The main things I like about it is the weather feature, web browser, and its a good general phone. Honestly though, Im not crazy about touch screens. They are cool at first but it wears off.

    I can get the Bold at best buy for $299. The other thing is a have a $200 in store credit burning a hole in my pocket so it will only cost $100 + $10 more a month for the data plan. I text a lot and check e-mail a lot.

    Another note, I have the first 4gb iPhone. It would be nice to have 3g. My main concern is wishing I didn't get rid of the Iphone after getting the Bold.

    ps. Also wondering about price cuts in the near future.
  2. i got a satellite stuck up my azz so i'm good to go :cool:

    welcome to chit :D