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  1. I was looking at advantage future trading and i see theey have t4 software which can be downloaded on the iphone to trade futures
    Does any one has experience in it - ?
  2. i think that preinstalled trading software for mobile devices is in the past...

    screen resolution of devices such as iPhone allows using web applications...

    there are a list of web trading stations thoice is a matter of taste...

    the newest one - protrader webstation, as i know it will be officially released in the september...
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    The new version of forexonthego will let you trade forex with any mt4 broker, on the iphone. Also does fx charting.
  4. Think or swim has a great platform on the iphone for stocks/options/futures... Their previous web only iphone platform sucked, but its pretty good. Charts are lacking, but other than that..
  5. iSwim from ThinkorSwim
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    I remote connect to my trading station with the Iphone. It is for long term trading though or entering a trade manually, I doubt any analysis can be performed on such a small screen.
  7. Yeah, it works well on the 3GS. It's not shown on the TOS site, so you'll need to search for it on the app store.
  8. As mentioned before, T4 mobile is one option for futures trading on an iphone. Dorman offers it. It basically just looks like a DOM with about 7 price levels, no chart. Couldn't fathom trading futures with this, unless your main system/connection went down and you could somehow close out a trade with it. Anyone actually try this app?

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