iPhone or mobile phone browser trading platform?

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  1. I've been using the WAP version of Fidelity's website to trade on my iPhone when I'm away from a desktop. Right now, other than regular website trading platforms or their smaller WAP versions, there isn't any other way for me to trade with an iPhone.

    Are there any brokers which offer really good WAP versions for their websites?

    Or even better, do you know of any brokers who are working on iPhone applications?
  2. Do you trade the Forex market? If you do, you can check these guys out. They are called iTradeMobile.

    It's the first iPhone specific software out there to trade with the FXCM accounts. I've been waiting for 1 like this for years, and finally here!

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    Samantha, do you presently trade forex with FXCM? Ive heard many bad reviews in regards to FXCM's business practices. Just wondering.....
  5. Yes, I'm been a FXCM customer for over 3 years, initially traded as personal, and later formed an entity to trade with. I have never had any issue with FXCM, even during the Refco bankruptcy period, my account was totally unaffected.

    Did you have any (bad) personal experience with FXCM?
  6. thinking of getting this app. Any one using it out there that has a feedback on it?
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  8. iTWS is by far the best mobile trading app I've come across.
  9. Just wondering. if you leave this thing on all trading day you must use a ton of data. Aren't there caps on data on wireless plans?:confused:
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