Iphone or Droid

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  1. Which one and why?
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    Iphone for now and droid is the future cause of the unlimited potential in apps-right now there arent that many but developers ( I know a few of them) will shift to droids just cause of the control exercised by Apple-personally I think control-freak nature of Apple will be their undoing.
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  4. I wonder what the thether speed will be for the HTC
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    I will be in this trial;

    As part of the trial, about 300 Sprint subscribers will be given Samsung "Moment" smartphones that are integrated with Samsung's new mobile DTV chip and a mobile DTV antenna, said Samsung VP John Godfrey. Washington-area viewers will also try mobile DTV on a range of devices, said OMVC, including netbook computers, accessory Wi-Fi receivers and portable DVD players with mobile DTV chips. In addition to live programming, the trial will also include interactive broadcasts and emergency alerts for weather incidents and other events.

    The OMVC said that market research firm Harris Interactive and media measurement specialist Rentrak will work in tandem to study consumer usage habits during OMVC's "Mobile DTV Consumer Showcase" in Washington, D.C. The trial, which should begin by this spring, will transmit up to 20 channels of free and premium programming using signals from eight mobile DTV stations: WDCA (Fox Television Stations); WUSA (Gannett Broadcasting); WPXW (ION Media Networks); WRC (NBC Universal); WHUT (Howard University/PBS); WNVC (MHz Networks); WNUV (Sinclair Broadcast Group); and WFDC (Univision Communications).
  6. I have an Iphone and my wife has a droid, ATT vs Verizon.

    I love my Iphone, easy to use, almost no learning curve, helps in my business. The At&T network started out being ok to good but the last month is has sucked, constantly dropping calls. When I drive through areas of Texas where there is no service I sometimes have to shut my phone off and then on for it to pick up a cell again, sucks again. My business requires travel so I don't know if I will stay with them when my contract expires.

    The droid, my wife hates, awkward compared to the iphone, more of a learning curve. Hangs up sometimes when talking when brushing phone against face. Service is great, she can browse the net while I can't even make a phone call.

    The touch screen keyboard on the droid is better than the touch screen keyboard on the iphone in my opinion.
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    The EVO phone can also serve as a mi-fi router for up to 8 computers, or if your at a desktop, can be hooked up to your PC using the mini-usb port. As a trader, I would think something like this would be invaluable as it gives you access if outside or if your primary service were to go down. Was thinking of getting the regular mifi device until I saw this one coming out and think it is the much better buy.

    Plus your iPhone can access the Sprint data network using its wifi. :D
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