Iphone LogMeIn Corrupts TWS layout

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by trend7rader, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. Has anyone else experienced this? Whenever I remote access TWS through iphone using LogMeIn, TWS gets all corrupted: can no longer close windows with the x button, header rows mutate, and the font bloats up, I wonder whether it has something to do with Java? I have to restart TWS after exiting logmein to get it back to normal again. Any ideas how to prevent this?
  2. I've used it in the past and never experienced any issues like you've described (connecting to a mac using logmein free).
  3. promagma


    Same thing happens sometimes, over RDP. Although if I close and reopen TWS it is fixed (for awhile at least)
  4. just21


    Why don't you use the tws app for iphone?
  5. I want to use bracket orders (OCO), I don't think it's possible to do that via the iphone TWS
  6. You're right promagma, logging out of TWS and back in after connecting logmein fixes the problem, but then it returns again... any ideas what's causing this? Some kind of conflict with Java? Any way to fix?
  7. I just ordered Blackberry Storm2 primarily because IPhone has communication reliability problems and I have been a Verizon wireless/lined phone/internet customer for 8+ years. See how it goes. I may ultimately have two phone carriers for access reliability in the future.
  8. I use LogMeIn for basic tasks not for doing financial transactions requiring un-interrupted connection speeds. Don't forget if the connection you are using at the time is slow LogMeIn will be slow. I had the same experience when I was in a hotel and their system was overloaded I had to wait for that transmission between my laptop and desktop at home.
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    Create a separate log in for the TWS (you can have up to 2 more I believe) and log in using that login. Each log in has its own layout, so if you screw up login B it wont effect regular login A.