iPhone 4s vs. new Android?

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  1. Anyone have an opinion on the iPhone 4s vs. Android phones?

    I need a new phone and I am waiting for the announcements today on the new (and supposedly very good) Android phones. There is the Samsung Nexus Prime (aka Galaxy Nexus) which will run the new ice cream sandwich OS, and Motorola’s new Droid Razr.

    The new Nexus is supposed to have a 4.65 inch screen which is huge, but everyone seems to say that the iPhone is a much smoother user experience, although we don’t yet know what the new ice cream sandwich (Android 4.0) will bring.

    The bigger screen would be nice for the web and trading apps. Anyone have any opinions?
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    Technically they are both incredible devices. It's probably better if you tried them out first hand. I have the iPhone 4 and brother has the Droid X. It's very nice and I wouldn't have an issue owning either one.
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    Brother bought a Galaxy II S the week the iPhone 4S came out. We've both had at least two of every iPhone since 2007.
  4. Android wins hands down for integrating into trading environments.

    Apple's limited RAM and it's inability to play nice with trading and application sharing programs made it an easy choice for me to kick it to the curb.

    That being said, try them for yourself like the other poster stated. That way you will know for sure for your specific use.
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    I just saw this review on CNN Money. Apparently the reviewer thinks SIRI is a game changer. I had my doubts but he feels it's the better than the equivalent Dragon Dictate on an Android. Overall, 4s is better in every way than the 4.

    Apple iPhone 4S review
  6. The new Android is a much better device than the iphone 4. The android phone has an advanced, complex operating system. The android device runs several applications simultaneously, which obviously makes it easier to multitask and improves the overall functionality of the phone
  7. Thanks for all the feedback.

    From what I have read the 4s is definitely better than the 4 and a great phone overall. But as a few of you have pointed out the new Android phones right now are good too, and with the new operating system today they will be getting even better. It seems like it may just be a matter of personal preference rather than one being better than the other.

    I think the mobile trading app from thinkorswim is basically the same on any smart phone.

    I would love to try out the new Android phones but we don’t even know when they will be in stores yet. I am hoping I can try one next month.
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    Depending on where you live, one item to note is the faster 4g network offered by Androids compared to the 3g network Apple uses. I know battery life is a big negative but as someone who went from tethering using their 3g blackberry to using a 4g card when traveling it is a deal breaker for me. That said I do not even own a non Blackberry devise as a result of work but that will be changing in a few weeks.
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    The Siri interface is pretty incredible from what I've seen. But since I don't have an immediate need for smart devices I'll probably wait for the iPhone 5, iPad 3, and maybe a next-gen AppleTV, and eventually a next-gen MacBook Pro. I suspect all will eventually get the Siri interface and the same apps will run across multiple devices.

    As always I recommend getting the devices for which your broker (or future broker) supports best. For example, Interactive Brokers clearly supports iOS best.
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