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Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by Steve_IB, Jun 16, 2005.

  1. Steve_IB

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    Here's a screenshot at 10:34 London, 05:34 New York time showing the IPE Commodities.

    COIL - is Brent Crude Oil
    GAS - Gas Oil
    NGF - Natural Gas
    C-Cocoa, D-Robusta Coffee, T-Wheat, W-White Sugar
    I've also added the NYMEX Oil and Gas contracts for comparision, QM and QG
  2. TGM



    I noticed you have up all the Liffe true commodities. I was shocked that they did not give you guys a better deal on those exchange fees for the Liffe commodities. Cocoa and Coffee can move. I was surprised by your screenshot to see that Wheat and Sugar have volume as well.
  3. JayS


    Thats great! I appreciate your time Steve.
  4. jem


    steve I loved that screen shot of yours. with all the different pages.

    Anyway to make that a template. It sure would save a lot of time.