IPE going all electronic - does anybody care?

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by tmzg, Mar 14, 2005.

  1. tmzg


    who is going to connect to the IPE and why should they?
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    Most ISV's are connected. IB will be connected.
    Liquid electronic oil and gas futures. I would expect alot of demand.

    Why would any customer trade via the NY pits if the can trade electronically with split second execution?
  4. artis74


    This should be great news but the owners of the IPE, ICE dont know how to attract buisiness. They do not have a graduated fee structure like the CME, CBOT or Eurex. The market making program they have is a complete farce and they are running very very low on cash. If this doesnt float with in the first 8 weeks looks for the NYMEX to purchase the entire thing as they have more cash than they know what to do with.
    Creating an electronic platform with comprable fees to open outcry is a recipe for disater. Id like to see it work but I highly doubt that it will prosper in with the current structure.
  5. tmzg


    I would like to write to IPE api and was wondering if any body out there is doing so now or plan to in the near future.:confused:
  6. artis74


    They have a list of approved front end prioviders who can write to the IPE api. They are not allowing anyone other than this list to do this.
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    There are a fair number of ISVs that access the IPE. You can also access all of ICEs markets (HH Nat Gas, Power) thru TT. If you need info on how to write to the ICE (IPE's platform) contact the IPE from their website theipe.com.
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    good luck contacting the IPE/ICE and having them open anything for you. the tech group at ICE is like dealing with a poorly informed 4th grade child.
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    artis 74.... seems you have a very low opinion of IPE. They seem to have outdone you today on their first day of fully electronic. Maybe you'll change your tune.
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