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  1. That Time Of The Month: The Internet's Best Period-Related iPad Jokes

    Apple's iPad announcement earlier this afternoon prompted a score of WTFing across the internet, prompting many to ask, "Are there any women on Apple's marketing team?" Answer: Apparently not. (Period.)

    From Twitter (for what it's worth, #iTampon is apparently the number three trending topic on the site.):

    tjakabon: "It surfs the web AND stops the bleeding."

    Gelatobaby: And you can use the giant QWERTY keyboard to get your period on the #iPad!

    CarolBlymire: Is #apple making an iPad for light-flow days? Just wondering...

    Trish1981: iPad? Really? All I can say is, I'm sticking with Always, bitches.

    tremendousnews: So I can say "That chick is on her iPad" and not be called a pig? Thank you Apple.

    melissapierce: iPad has changed "the conversation" from how we use tech in context to how we use tech as Kotex. (who named this thing?)

    TwittsMcGee: I haven't heard this many period jokes since I was forced to watch The View last month. #iPad

    kathycacace: Okay, just one more. The iPad: protecting your data from embarrassing incidents.

    Johnpapa: "64 gig iPad will forever be known as the heavy flow model."

    From the comments section of "Period Pieces":

    lady_justice: Did the prototype come with a belt?

    Lymed: Does the Period Tracker app come free?

    fauxfruit: If I order this, will my boyfriend and I have to worry if it comes late?

    andBegorrah: If you and your friends all buy one, will they sync up?

    boston_nj: Meh. I'll wait until they come out with the iDivaCup

    morninggloria: Don't wear white jeans while using an iPad, and especially don't use an iPad in front of your crush. You're a teen magazine embarrassing moment waiting to happen.

    ms negative the easy-going unicorn: someone needs to make a 'mysterious blue liquid stain on white' wallpaper for this.

    LilSpitfire: Later in the year they will be releasing the companion tablet pen, the Ipon.

    Vesuvius At Home (I believe in peace, bitch): But what if the cute boys see me shopping for one? What if my dad has to take me??

    NellMood: It's so beautiful when an electronics company finally becomes a woman...

    Cinnamoncanuck: @NellMood: Aunt Flo will be so happy! Reply

    soykatrina: Eh, I prefer the CVS brand. A few bucks less but does the same thing...

    vlvtjones: So will iffy Wifi coverage be called iSpotting?

    morninggloria: Can I get a scented iPad for when my data feels not-so-fresh?

    Mary McCarthyite: Everyone, just try to Stay(free) calm and Poise(d). It's Always nice to see a new product on the market. I Depend on Apple to come up with great ideas. Maybe we're taking this out of Kotex.

    Lymed: Somebody give the iPad a Red Bull, because it ain't no good without wings.
  2. These menstrual jokes are hackneyed, disgusting, and reek of comedienne "humor"
    Only women make jokes about this shit.
  3. I cant believe anyone would buy an ipad. Sure they get the "coolness" factor for the first few months its out, after that they are just some suckers who bought half a laptop that doesnt even have a webcam.

    Seriously...people could buy a laptop that does everything the ipad does and more for less money.
  4. can trading software work on the ipad like lightspeed or stradgey runner
  5. GTS


    It only runs applications that work on iPhone OS, so unless some ports trading apps to that OS (which would have to be blessed by Apple) the answer is no.

    Its not a general purpose computing platform like a PC or Mac, its a closed tightly controlled environment.
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  7. IB's iTWS will run as is. A version targeted at the iPad could be pretty slick...
  8. for an extra $500 you can get a fully funtioning imac...

    and really, who buys pdf books anyways?

    Unless its an emergency or the book has no yet been published, ebooks are a pain in the ass.

    I either download them for free, or I buy a hard copy...
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    I am too old for an iPad. But I do need an iPatch.