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  1. Hi Everyone,
    I need to travel a lot, so need to purchase either a notebook or an Ipad to access the internet. Can you please help me as to what will be a good buy for my needs of accessing the internet on the go?
  2. The iPad is a dealbreaker for most trading applications, other than perhaps your broker's order-entry interface if they have an app for it. No java. No Excel.
  3. Notebook at a bare minimum. All the tablets, pads, tampons, etc are all trash. They are all made by whores who have proprietary operating systems which run nothing but the trash they propagate; they call it apps. Don't get screwed out of your money and your life.
  4. ipad2
  5. Ipad 2 + logmein

  6. dsss27


    Honeycomb or iPad tablet running Pocketcloud
  7. get a proper thin and light laptop.........
  8. LOL :D

    To be fair, the OP only said to access the internet. Nothing about trading. Which makes me wonder why even post in a trading forum.
  9. yeah, i was wondering the same thing. if he wants to trade, he should mention what software his firm uses
  10. It's his first post and his handle (nic) is Newtosystemtrading

    That implied he wanted to trade while on the road. I could be wrong.
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