iPad Sidecar as External Monitor

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by imjohn, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. imjohn


    Never owned an iPad but I do use a Macbook connected to a monitor via HDMI or USB-C.

    Saw that iPads can now be used wirelessly as a second screen (via sidecar), with a 10 meter range.

    Think I'll pick up the 12.9 version and try it out this week. Has anyone attempted to use that for a second trading screen? Is there any lag? or can anyone comment on the functionality?

    Im also aware that other software (duet, luna) enables this functionality. Anyone who's tried them all can comment on which is best?

  2. Voron77


    I haven't tried it, but can imagine it makes sense only in mobile scenarios. High quality USB-C/Thunderbolt monitors will be less expensive and provide more real estate.
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  3. imjohn


    Definitely hear that. That's my current setup. But I do roam about the house quite a bit throughout the trading day, and was thinking a cord free solution with a 10M range to keep an eye on things might be enjoyable. Just concerned about lag.
  4. Turveyd


    I've used as a 2nd screen to my PC, lag is fine, couldn't play a FPS game over it, but chart update bandwidth is low.

    Still $1000+ way to get a 2nd screen that would cost $100 area normally.

    Range, might be anywhere on your Wifi I'd of thought.
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  5. I'm not sure this would work if you walk from one room to another. Walls are good at blocking Bluetooth radio waves (assuming Bluetooth is being used in this application).
  6. heispark


    It's lagging and charts in iPad Retina display looks too tiny to see clearly. I use old iPad as Bloomberg TV screen which I find very convenient. If you need a smaller extra screen, why don't you buy a cheap USB monitor?
  7. imjohn


    Yeah that's what I'm wondering. I've never used the tech, I read "It uses Bluetooth to establish the initial connection, after which it switches to point-to-point Wi-Fi for data transfer."
  8. imjohn


    Thanks! The lagging issue is a dealbreaker but may still try it out, as I would probably just grab the screen during dull moments. I never stray too far from workstation where my laptop is docked into a bigger monitor, but would like the flexibility of just grabbing a wireless screen and going to kick back on the couch for a bit, or some other part of the house, when there's not much else to do but wait for trading conditions to improve.

    I do have an ASUS Zenscreen. It's quite portable and connects / draws power via USB-C. But the screen feels flimsy and doesn't get very bright. I don't need to replace it but the wireless functionality is what appeals to me. Youtube reviewers convinced me to try it out... damn YouTube.
  9. I see. WiFi is a bit more resilient than Bluetooth. But still, I wouldn't like to have two or more walls in between both devices. Do make sure that the computer you are using has WiFi built in. Otherwise this point-to-point connection cannot be established.