Ipad 2

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  1. The greatest tablet so far and I want one.. when's it coming out?
  2. They say first quarter, but since Apple has some kind of affection with the month of June, I will go with the latter.
  3. do you believe the android driven tabs are better?
  4. Maverick74


    Link? What is new on this tablet? USB port?
  5. i heard jobs will announce this coming week but can't confirm..anybody?
  6. Mostly everything that you read about the iPad 2 is speculation. Last year, the iPad was announced on Jan 27th. Until apple announces the date for the iPad 2 , I would not believe the rumors. Also, it is better to check gadgets blog like Engadget for the latest information.
  7. We can't even use our trading platform on ipad. What's the deal?
  8. As of right now, no. Every Android tablet on the market right now is using an OS that was designed for the phones, not tablet. There is a high return rate on the Androids (I heard on the tube this week something like 16% to iPad's 2% return rate). Google announced their new OS designed specifically for the tablet, code-named "honeycomb", this week and it is far superior to what is out there right now. With the new iPad due and the new Google OS, I would wait a bit before buying either one.


    I have the iPad right now - it is a decent reader and internet browser and email checker on a portable device, but I can't wait to get my hands on the new Android.

  9. http://thetoshibatablet.com/#
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