IP is that a boring stock

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by heilbronner1, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. that's why I'm in. Target: $ 10
  2. It doesn't get any more boring then International Paper. It's like an old friend you never haven't talk to in a while. "How are you doing these days? So what's new since you been delisted from the Dow 30?"
  3. birdman


    i like ip cuz they are the largest maker of what we call cardboard boxes (corrugated containers as the industry calls them)

    in recent years they have sold most of their timber lands and paper mills in order to focus more on packaging as it's custom products and higher priced

    Their largest competitor stole alot of market share by selling below cost and then turned around and sold their packaging division to ip last year for 6 billion

    i think it was a very wise move for WY and a bad move for ip

    but what do i know, target $10 is still doable
  4. I sell @ 9.29. Trade is done. Quick profits within 2 days and ready to reenter when IP dips.

    Best wishes. :cool:
  5. More fills around 9.20 and 9.19. So average sell is around 9.20.