IP Addresses (forum posts) confidential??

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  1. Everything starts with an IP address. It’s like knowing someone phone numbers for whom you want to threaten or his/her postal address if you want to threaten via letters or postcards.
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    I use 8 firewalls and 10 proxies and a disposable Virtual machine on an secure machine with hardware encryption, sitting inside an SCIF.
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    As I know it's not really a confidential in any way, because it is a public communicator for anyone about internet. If you have an IP address, it's a common IP and many of people are using that same IP. But it's privately home router and if somebody connected it without your knowing, I think someone hack your internet connection. as far as I know, try to check here 19216811.me.
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    Are you pretending to be stupid or just trolling?
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    When I read it, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. So I invented a new word for it. Craugh.

    His post made me crauph. Think it will make into the Oxford or Merriam-Webster tomes?
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    Sounds like a name for a Scottish food that they assure you is good but you really don't want to know what's innit.
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    it is like asking whether you can identify someone you meet on the streeet or whether his address is confidential.
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    Some forums use tools to help them identify IP address abuse. For example, an algorithm that prevents registration from those that input a city located in their profile that doesn't correlate to the IP address. For example, the profile states their location as Florida but the IP address shows Japan.

    In contrast, other forums maintain a real-time member error-log of location / IP address conflicts, and then when another member complains (reports) a problematic message post...the forum owner checks the IP address error log and if the member is also on that list...they ban the member or put the member on a "watch list".

    Another tool, some forums keep a log of members using a different addresses on different message posts. For example, member post #1 has an IP address from Paris, France @ 1003am, same user name has a message post #2 with an IP address from Reno, Nevada @ 1045am on the same day...that user name is then auto listed in a profile that monitors IP address abuse.

    Yet, other forums (most of them) manage their site manually as in they are dependent upon members to notify them / reporting message posts by other members. It then forces the moderators or the forum owner to personally look closer at the post history/habits of the problematic member without that member knowing they're being monitored (watched).

    Simply, most members do not know what tools a forum owner may use at the forum to help manage their forum to help identify IP address abuse but common sense tells that if a member is using IP Address locations that don't correlate with the posting habits like a few examples I mentioned above...
    • It's a member you ban immediately when shit hits the fan without any warnings / discussions with the member.
    There are many other tools that forum owners may use to help them identify IP address abuse that most users of a forum are not aware that those tools are being used by a forum owner.

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