IP Addresses (forum posts) confidential??

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  1. the only one that was ever tracked was Jack Hershey.

    and that led to an ip address in a mental asylum and was not pursued.
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  3. Security and privacy is important for anything, whether IP or Google. I wonder what this means to us traders, as we do everything online, so can someone know what we are trading or plan to trade etc. by cookies, IPs etc.?
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  4. Nothing on the internet is confidential. Anywhere you post, automatically gets your IP - or if you use a proxy, they get your IP.

    Furthermore, your computer hardware can be looked at and will show all the sites you have visited since you started using the computer - only way to prevent it is to destroy your network card and hard drive.

    With the right technology, you can read someone's computer screen as they type, from another room, through walls etc. Requires lead-shielding to prevent 100%.

    Even without an IP, you can use the info from a given person to profile them. Once you have a certain amount of browsing sessions & posts, the profile accuracy rises pretty high.

    The only truly secure computer is one with RAM only, that never connects to the internet. and is kept physically locked away with intruder alarms in its storage place etc.
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  5. again, touche`

    what part about cookie insertion upon voluntary log-in misses your willingness to accept open-minded reality?

    anonymous browsing is only as anoymous as the sites visited. when a cookie is required, it serves a purpose. otherwise, what would be the point of using cookies at all?

    here's what I know for a fact: when you log into wordpress or v-bulletin (ET software choice) you can glean a lot of data from the reader. now go ahead and surf thru whatever service you desire... because it appears nothing is going to change your opinion from the outside view anyway
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  6. Unplug the internet if you want anything you do in the computer to be 'confidential'.
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    Ya you can find the location using the ip address.But your Real Ip address won't be seen.The IP assigned for you by your ISP will be seen.Visit http://www.ip-details.com/ to know what your IP address is and what others can find about your IP address by doing IP sea
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  8. Geez, who digs up these old threadz?...

    Anybody else remember the time that Baron accidently set code, so that everybody on ET had their IP printed next to their ID?

    You should have seen the uproar! :p
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    "False IP addresses" do not exist, you've watched too much CSI.
    They can use proxies (or better yet, proxychains), VPNs, Tor, hacked PCs turned into proxies. A combination of all of these done right assures no one, even the FBI would know who you are - requires quite a bit of skill or money though. There are tricks out there that with simple methods reveal the user's true identity even when they are supposedly completely anonymous (Quicktime video, a few lines of Flash code etc.).

    As with any activity, criminal or not, some people are caught but the smart and careful ones never are.
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    I think ET management should permanently do such...show message post/user IP address.
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