IP Addresses (forum posts) confidential??

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  1. I hope this isnt how Austinp operates his personal or business life outside of ET... making broad based assumptions about people he doesnt know. BTW Austinp, the best way to eliminate trolls is to simply block them then they have to make up a new email or ip and that takes time. After 10 or so attempts, they get tired and move on to a softer target on the web. If you threaten people, then they take it personally and put even more effort into it then ever before. Just dont say a word and quietly block them. That way you wont offend and add fuel to someone's motivation for trolling.

    I dont see why its so wrong to use a VPN especially when there is some person on the other end of this connection (a person you dont know) who is logging bits and pieces of your personal information. Im not making assumptions about Baron, but I honestly dont know the guy. Is Baron someone I can trust with my personal information?
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  2. Does anyone here comprehend plain english? I said nothing about the OP other than there must be some motivation to know whether IPs can be read or not.

    Capiche'? I don't care if the OP here is my longest standing client, long-lost relative or complete stranger. I said nothing specific about that person. At all.

    Secondly, I can handle my own traffic any way I damn well please. Do you think I'm not aware of simple blocks and/or contacting yahoo to block email traffic?

    What I said earlier stands as the anser to speculation here. You accept a cookie in your computer, you accept being tracked. It does not get any simpler than that, ladies & gents :cool:
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  3. you'd better hope so, because you are logged in now by your own personal choice
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    By the way there was plenty of valuable info in this thread, so for the extremely slow people, let's repeat the correct answer to How to stay completely anonymus on the net:

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  6. bullshit ad hype, is the complete sentence you forgot

    good luck with that :cool:
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  8. I like the part where it claims the military and law enforecment use this product

    so we can assume it's loaded on every computer at norad, pentagon and private security companies?

    prove to us it's legit, as you profess. touche`
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    Jeez, you are one annoying, pompous, ass...

    Tor is a gen2 onion routing network. The first one was developed at the Naval Research Laboratory:


    Note the domain name of the email address for the maintainer of that web page listed at the bottom.
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  10. 9 out of 10 web operators do not use tracking cookies to find your ip. In any event, if the cookies does store your ip then all you have to do is clear your session before and after while using a proxy. That will ensure safety as the tracking cookie picks up the proxy's ip not the real ip.

    Most sites like ET do not have the cookie tracking ability built into their systems. As I said, a more effective way to get rid of unwanted persons is to have a system where it takes a few minutes to sign up complete with email verification. Google does phone verification at times and I think thats the most effective tool. Eventually, it will be too much time and trouble for the unwanted poster and they will go on their way.

    Even if you could get my ip address with me using TOR, that still doesnt stop me from going to Starbucks or McDonalds to use their free internet. Keep in mind there are cameras in those places so if you cause trouble on the internet at those establishments then cameras on the premises could prove that you were there.
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