IP Addresses (forum posts) confidential??

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  1. Looks like ET isn't using login cookies to trace true IP-address otherwise guys like Marketsurfer would not be able to sign up each time with a different handle ?
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    I have on-demand dynamic IP, an SPI hardware firewall and I generally block all cookies until I need to login somewhere that requires them.

    Even then I still had some idiots in Guangdong Province trying to run port probes etc. Finally in desperation I setup a 1200 byte ping with zero inter-ping delay and left it running for a week or so against their IP not really expecting it to have any effect. They did stop port probing my IP however. Of course they were probably probing a whole range of class-A addresses.

    Someday I'm going to just block anything from chinese IP prefixes.
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  3. I think I know a thing or two about cookies...

    First of all, lets define what cookies are in the most basic sense. They are not executable files, but small text files that contain data. You can view the data they are storing. In reference to ET, they only have 4 cookies and I know what is stored in them...inspected them myself. No one on the other side can see where I am really at because TOR uses multiple sites all over the world from voluntary users.

    Second, I only use Firefox for online forums (IE8 for browsing only) When I close Firefox, all cookies are cleared. Then when I start it up, TOR is automatically enabled with a clean slate. I do not use Firefox unless TOR is enabled.

    The weaknesses of TOR are explored in this article and I have implemented all the fixes as discussed in that article and other forums.


    One primary thing is that you have to clear the cookies between TOR and non-TOR sessions. If they are not cleared, then that is a potential weakness. I only access this site through Firefox with TOR enabled. I only use Firefox with TOR enabled, never without...
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    Sure. Except your little story was irrelevant and your assumption about the OP is completely without base and illogical.

    Otherwise I agree. :)

    There is a HUGE difference between careful (don't post anything that can come back and bite you in the ass in the future) and paranoid. You are the later one...If you want to avoid any kind of problem, don't post. That simple.... :cool:
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  5. oh I don't know -

    'Profile For gotta_trade' . . . Biography: AEKDB

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    I had a neighbor kid sharing my wi-fi once. He did some file sharing and some bullshit attorneys came after me for it. They could get an email forwarded to me somehow, I guess they contacted my IP. They offered a settlement at a "low price". The price was unspecified. I researched a little and found that what they really wanted was for me to answer the email so they could have my email address. I just never answered them and they went back into the woodworks...
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    Here is what I don't get, call me stupid?

    If Austin thinks the OP is a bad guy, then why post valuable info in his thread and help him??? Doesn't make sense to me... :)

    Anyhow, this is getting boring...
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  8. I didn't say anything about the OP. I made general statements of facts in reply to the questions and speculation that followed. I don't know and don't care what motivated the question. Merely replied as I'm familiar with the process.

    There is no valuable information in this thread. People who think they are surfing anonymously give up that cloak once they accept a cookie in their computer. How simple is that to grasp?
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    Apparently.... :)
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