Iowa To Hold Terrorist Drill In Event of White Supremacist Attack!

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    Iowa can be a very strange place.

    The exercise is planned for Saturday at Treynor High School in Pottawattamie County and will involve more than 300 people. Some 30 to 40 "victims" will be transported to area hospitals. A terrorism scenario is required by federal officials for the exercise to be eligible for funding.

    The exercise scenario describes shootings occurring after rising tensions in the community because of an influx of minorities, Reed said. The newcomers, some who are American citizens and some who are illegal immigrants, were to have moved into a rural area from urban areas in search of more-affordable living. The newcomers are not welcomed by racial extremists, and controversy sweeps the community.|topnews|text|Frontpage
  2. Crime (especially violent crime) spikes whenever minorities enter a new location.

    I feel bad for those people.

    Their housing values will plummet overnight and within a few years they will be bred out by the mongrels.